World peace organization appears to be doomsday cult.

BK Quotes

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“When you want the happiness of this world you die”



 “Explain to everyone very tactfully. Don’t discus these things with anyone, “nothing new” finish all questions and put a full stop”.



 “When there is slight intoxication of familiarity or when there are insects of Maya inside, children don’t become worthy of serving”.



 “You have no need to ask about them systems, become worthy, than ask”.



 ” A wife has a lot of attachment to her husband and children. It is the duty of you children to become free from that and become the conqueror of attachment”.



 “You have wasted you whole life in battling and squirrelling”.



 “First your family, than your friends become your enemy”


 “You are unhappy here”



 I will surrender myself to you. “Then surrender, yourself! Don’t just say it”.



 “Check your stage in the mirror, “is my intellect removed from anyone else”?



 “Remove the happiness of the old world from your intellect”.



“This old world doesn’t exist for you”.



 “For as long as you have that body, you have to stay in yoga, otherwise there will be punishment”.



“If you don’t follow Shrimat (bk God instructions) something will go wrong”.


 “There is very severe punishment for those who become children and then divorce the father”.


               “To remember a corporal body is to be ghost conscious, because bodies are made of 5 elements is 5 evil spirits”.



  “People don’t know anything, they are like dose who are uneducated, they are completely senseless buddhus”


   “You children have no one, except the one, be very careful at  that”.  



The intellect of those who are still working  understand that all    of it is for Baba. Otherwise how would the business of the yagya (organization BKWSU) continue”?



“Baba is not asking you to work hard,


he does not make you stumble; he does not ask you to spent any money”.



 “First promise to baba,

we will break all connections,

and will have connection with you alone”



“You have conquered limited sleep

to renounce sleep means you yourself become God”.


“If there is laziness then walk around”


Your promise is:

                                                                           Mine is one Shivbaba and non other,

                                                                     so why do you remember someone else?


My body, my mind and my wealth are yours not mine.


  What is this bad odour?

It is the bad odour of bodily relations

and attachment to bodily possessions


                                                                If carelessness still comes, then punish yourself.

Separate yourself

from which you love the most,

the task that you most enjoy”



“By following the dictates of your own mind

you become decieved.

“By following your own directions

the boat sinks”.


 “Destruction is just ahead”.


“It is your duty to beat your heart and make effort,

don’t get involved in a household”.


 “The people of the world are cheats”


“Christians also believe in heaven,

however they do not understand heaven”.


“You have to remember this (BK) family

otherwise your sin will not be absolved”


“If you take the support of bodily beings

than you can not have a planning intellect “


“Are you above the bad odour of body consciousness”?


My body, my mind and my wealth are yours not mine.


I will sit wherever you make me sit, I will do whatever you ask me to do.


My understanding is accurate everyone else is lost in misunderstanding.


“Without becoming BK’s you can not make your fortune”.


“Promise to Baba. One Baba and no one else”.

To eat only with you, To speak only to you, to listen only to you.


“This promise to Baba is an eternal promise, you must not be disobedient in fulfilling this”.


“Do not become a lawyer and use in front of Baba the points that Dada himself has given you. So do not be clever in front of Baba”.


“Have you broken all relationships with others? Is there experience of having all relationships with the one? If there is still attachment or any kind of pull from anyone, then this proves that you are not experiencing all relationships and all achievements from Baba”.


“By practising to be body-less and having a close relationship with Baba now, the soul will be ever ready at the time of destruction”.


“No matter how mercy full the father, the teacher, the sat-guru may be, yet when it is the final examination, it is not the code of conduct to be merciful”.


“Do nor mix your own idea’s with into Baba’s reply”.


“The kingdom has not yet been created, so how can destruction take place soon, you children have not yet become worthy”.


“Those who don’t surrender themselves are unable to receive that much strength that is, they are unable to make the father the trustee of their body, mind and wealth. Real children receive subtle help.


” It is Brahmins who consider themselves to be the children of God”.


                                                         “Talk to yourself: We are the truly adopted children of shiv Baba”.



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October 13, 2008 at 8:55 pm

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